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Giáp bảo vệ gầm Rival xe Tundra 2007ON – 23333.9509.1/6 – FULL KIT (4PCS) 6MM

21.203.000 VNĐ

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A high-quality laser cut RIVAL skid plates are made from deep stamped aluminum alloy or steel, these underbody armor offer both a lightweight and high strength solution for underbody protection. Combined with a no drill installation, it is an easy choice to protect underbody of your vehicle from rocks, logs and scrapes.


  • transfer case skidplate aluminium 4mm
  • Concealed fitting for minimum damage during off-road driving.
  • Stiffening and reinforcing ribs provide maximum strength.
  • Polymer powder coating which is corrosion resistant.
  • Installed onto OE mounting points. No drilling or modification required.
  • Does not decrease ground clearance.
  • Apertures for water and dirt drainage.
  • Vent and airflow apertures