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Pát định vị tủ lạnh ARB (không trượt) -ARB FRIDGE SOLID MOUNT KIT/ELEMENTS 60L (PATCH ĐỊNH VỊ TỦ LẠNH) [10900039]

1.615.250 VNĐ

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Simple in design, yet highly effective, is the new floor mounted bracket system to suit the Elements 63QT Fridge Freezer. Installation is completed in just a few basic steps:

  1. The main brackets are mounted to the tray/floor.
  2. The standard bolts in the Fridge’s sides are removed and replaced loosely with the new controlled key bolts to allow the Fridge to drop in to place.
  3. The bolts are then tightened using the supplied security key.
  4. Installation complete.


  • Important Note: Controlled key tool bit must be used to remove and refit the Fridge to the bracket system.
    Included in each kit:

    • 2 x floor mounted black powder coated brackets
    • 4 x controlled key bolts with spacers and washers
    • 4 x bolts, nuts & washers for floor mounting (longer bolts may be required depending on mounting surface thickness)